Press Clipping
Timbila in Brooklyn at Barbès

TIMBILA. This show celebrates the release of a collaboration years in the making: a double CD by New York Afrodelic roots band TIMBILA, and Zimbabwean mbira maestro Chartwell Dutiro. The release date is May 1, 2017, and the title is Sadza With the Head of a Mouse…

Chartwell has played the Shona mbira (a high-performance prongophone) virtually his entire life. He’s cut a remarkable path through African music from his village childhood in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where he played ceremonies with a local spirit medium, to his years performing and recording with Zimbabwe’s iconic Afropop band Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited, to his more recent career as a teacher, solo artist and bandleader in the U.K.

For the past three years, Chartwell has been collaborating with the New York based band TIMBILA, whose Afrodelic sound merges deep knowledge of African traditions with take-no-prisoners, East Village pop rock savvy. Featuring Afropop Worldwide’s Banning Eyre on guitars and “mbira queen” Nora Balaban on timbila and mbira, this seasoned combo brings deep sweet grooves, dream-inducing vocal harmonies and the kind of spontaneity you only get with long years of musical friendship.